Building Department

Building Official
Kathy LaCombe
860-887-5581 x130
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The Building Official has office hours on Thursday evening from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. or by appointment.

Chapter 541 of the Connecticut General Statutes sets for the need, duties, requirements and conditions for the Building Department including:
  • Accepting building permit applications and conducting plan reviews.
  • Performing required inspections to ensure compliance with the Connecticut State Building Code.
  • Responding to unsafe conditions.
  • Assisting applicants with permit applications.

Building Permits
Permits for siding, roofing and electrical services are typically issued within 48 hours.  Plan reviews for building permit applications can take from 2-3 weeks to complete and can also be dependent upon the workload, size and complexity of the project.  Please keep this in mind when planning the timeline for your project and in submitting your permit application.  

To obtain a building permit, the applicant must obtain approval from as many as six (6) separate departments, depending on the type of work.

A new single family residence will require approval from Zoning, Inland Wetlands, the Sanitarian, and may also need a Driveway Permit which is issued by the First Selectman.

Commercial projects also require approval from the Fire Marshal and Planning & Zoning Commission.

When you submit an application to the Land Use Office, they will route the information to all of the departments, with the exception of a Driveway Permit and the Fire Marshal’s Office.  You are responsible to contact these departments direct.