Ethics Commission

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The proper operation of the town government of the Town of Preston requires that public officials, public agents and public employees whether elected or appointed, paid or unpaid, as well as volunteers, shall be independent, impartial and responsible to the people; that public office and employment not be used for personal gain; and that the public has confidence in the integrity of its government.

The original Code of Ethics used by the Preston Ethics Commissionwas approved at a town meeting on October 20th, 2005. Since that time the Code has been revised as the Commission has worked to establish its guidelines and procedures. The Code is in fact a “work in progress”, not a static document, with the most recent revision having been approved on September 16, 2010.

The purpose of this code is to:

  • Set forth standards of ethical conduct,
  • Establish guidelines for conduct, and;
  • Maintain a tradition of responsible and effective public service.
For procedures on how to submit a Request for Advisory Opinion to the Ethics Commission, please see Form A below:
Form A: Request for Advisory Opinion
For information on how to submit a Complaint to the Ethics Commission, please see Form B below:
Form B:
Complaint of Conflict of Interest / Ethics Code Violation
Regular MembersTerm
Hank Podraza, Chairman (U) 12/31/2016
Linda Christensen (D) 12/31/2017 
Andrew Bilodeau (U) 12/31/2017 
Gale Ennis (D) 12/31/2018
Alternate MembersTerm


Preston Ethics Commission meets on an Annual basis unless a Special meeting is required in the Preston Public Library’s Community Meeting Room, 389 Route 2.

Interested in serving on the Ethics Commission?        Application to join the Preston Ethics Commission