Redevelopment Agency

Sean Nugent, Chairperson
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Vision Statement
To create a sustainable economic development which provides (a) a high tax base, (b) low impact on Town services, (c) provides job opportunities to the regional workforce and (d) serves as both a connection to and attraction for local and neighboring businesses and communities.

Regular MembersTerm
Sean Nugent, Chairperson (D) 5 year - 06/30/2020
James Bell, Vice Chair (R) 5 year - 06/30/2020
Joseph Biber (D) 4 year - 06/30/2018
Merrill Gerber (R) 3 year - 06/30/2017
Linda Riegel (R) 2 year - 06/30/2021
John G. Harris (U) 3 year - 06/30/2018
William Legler (R) 5 year - 06/30/2017
Bob Congdon, 1st Selectman (R)
PRA Ex-Officio

The Preston Redevelopment Agency meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
in the upstairs Conference Room of the Preston Town Hall, 389 Route 2.