Historical Society

Linda Christensen, President
15 Amos Road
Preston, CT  06365
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Mission Statement
The Preston Historical Society is dedicated to preserving Preston’s history and rural identity while promoting and enhancing community life for future generations. We believe that building awareness of Preston’s past helps citizens appreciate their town, leading to increased pride in their community.


  • Perpetuate the history of the Town of Preston and preserve documents and records of this history.
  • Sponsor historical and civic programs and events annually.
  • Support local educational initiatives that promote the study of history.
  • Support projects which strive to restore, mark or preserve local historical sites or artifacts deemed appropriate by the Board.

Preston Historical Society Executive Board Members

Linda Christensen, President Donna Bowles, Vice President
Pat Biggins, Secretary Mark Christensen, Treasurer
Bill Champagne, Director Dwyne Witter, Director
Gwen Zdancewicz, Director  

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