Duties & Responsibilities

The Assessor’s Office annually provides a listing of assessment for each and every property within the town limits of Preston. The listing is referred to as the Grand List and provides the basis against which taxes will be levied during the following fiscal year. In addition, the Assessor’s Office maintains an up-to-date inventory of all property, including land and improvements thereon, including changes in ownership, new construction, alterations, and subdivisions filed as of the assessment date, and lists Connecticut registered motor vehicles and business personal property which are assessed for inclusion as part of the Grand List.

Additionally, the Assessor and staff administer state and local programs of tax relief, apply exemptions as permitted by state law, and assist the public with a variety of inquiries.

Current MILL Rate

The current MILL Rate for Fiscal year 2021-2022 is 26.94 (effective July 1, 2021).

Real Estate Information

The Assessor's Office is responsible for the appraisal of all Real Property located in the Town of Preston. Real Estate is assessed at 70% of the appraised value as established during the last Revaluation. Assessments will remain constant until the next Revaluation unless new construction, improvements or physical changes are discovered.

Revaluation Information

The Town of Preston contracted with Municipal Valuation Services, LLC for the October 1, 2017 revaluation. The new values were implemented on October 1, 2017 and will stay in effect until September 30, 2022. Any new construction, additions, upgrades, etc. will be added to the new values. The next revaluation will be October 1, 2022.

The Assessor’s Office maintains information on real estate ownership, sales, descriptions and values. Field cards and Maps are also available online at the Town of Preston Geographic and Property Information Network website.

Tax Relief & Exemption Programs

Questions concerning tax relief and exemption programs should be directed to the Assessor's Office. Please feel free to contact us during office hours at 860-887-5581, ext. 107.


Questions about billing, tax balances due, amounts paid and interest should be directed to the Tax Collector's Office at 860-887-5581, ext. 111.

Address Change

To report an address change, fill out and return the Change of Address Form (PDF) to the Tax Collector.

Elderly Renters Rebate Program

For questions about or for assistance with the Elderly Renters Rebate Program, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 860-887-5581, ext. 107 or the Town's Elderly Assistance Officer at 860-887-5581, ext. 104.