Registrar of Voters

Mission Statement

The Registrars follow the statutes and laws of the Secretary of The State which are monitored by the State’s Election Enforcement Commission. The registrar’s budget is established and supported by the town.

Register to Vote


The Registrars’ of Voters are responsible for running local, state, and federal elections, referendum, and primaries for the town while adhering to state election laws.

Maintaining the voter database for the town through voter registration and a yearly canvass is integral to the voting process and also follows state election laws.

You can determine your voter registration status by using the State of Connecticut’s Voter Registration Lookup page.

Voter Registration Lookup Page

New Voter or Change

If you are a new voter or making any changes to your current Town of Preston registration, please use the State of Connecticut Voter Registration form available below. Once you complete the form, be sure to SIGN the application. Then mail the form to: Town of Preston, Registrar of Voters, 389 Route 2, Preston, CT 06365.

Voter Registration Form

Electronic Signature

If you have an electronic signature on file with the State of Connecticut, such as when you completed your Driver’s License, you may also register to vote or make changes to your voter registration by going to the State of Connecticut’s Online Voter Registration System.

Online Voter Registration System

Don’t Stop Voting Because You Have A Disability

If you have a permanent disability and are unable to vote at the polling place in person, you are eligible to receive automatically by mail an absentee ballot for each election, primary or referendum. Simply apply for Permanent Absentee Ballot Status.

Here’s How to Apply For A Permanent Absentee Ballot Status.

Absentee Ballot Application On-Line

The Secretary of the State’s website provides Absentee Ballot Applications. First you must fill out the application and mail it to the Town Clerk’s Office at 389 Route 2, Preston, CT 06365. Ballots will be available in early October to be mailed to the address you have indicated on the Absentee Ballot application.

For additional information regarding your right to vote, please visit the Office of the Secretary of the State.