Where can I get information about my septic system?

Local Health Departments have property files that may contain important septic system information such as copies of permits, design plans, as-built drawings, and soil test data. This information is available to be viewed by the public, or you may ask the town sanitarian to review the files with you (as their time allows). Refer to the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) website to obtain contact information from your Local Health Department. If your home is served by a septic system, then you must contact your Local Health Department when you are planning a building addition, home winterization, renovation of an unfinished space, or adding a garage, deck, sun room, pool, shed, etc. These types of projects require approval from both the Building Department and Local Health Department prior to construction. It is recommended that you first discuss your plans with the Local Health Department so that they can inform you on the necessary permit requirements and advise you on possible site limitations on your property. There are cases when building projects cannot be approved due to septic system regulations.

View information regarding septic systems by viewing the Septic Sytem 101 (PDF) document, provided by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health.

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1. Where can I get information about my septic system?
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