Do I need a Home Occupation for my business?

Many people ask if they can have a business in their house. The answer is yes, but sometimes you need a Zoning permit from the Planning an Zoning Commission and sometimes you don't. You DO NOT need a Zoning Permit from the Planning and Zoning Commission (home occupation permit) if you just have a home office where you have a computer for your business to process paperwork and have no other business amenities. All other occupations require a Zoning Permit from the Planning and Zoning Commission. Examples for a home occupation use are as follows: handicrafts, direct sale product distribution, tailor, hair salon, barber, physician, dentist, tutor, tourist home, and limited auto repair.

The activity must be clearly secondary to the residential use of the property and shall occupy no more than twenty-five (25%) of the finished and habitable floor area of the dwelling. However, the residence under certain circumstances and provided such home occupation is located within the basement or an accessory structure. The purpose of this is to allow the entire basement or the entire area (which includes the home occupation). Please refer to Section 13.10 of the Preston Zoning Regulations for more details or call the Planning and Zoning Office at 860-887-5581 x 109.

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