What if I don’t file a declaration?

The Assessor will prepare an estimated declaration and add the 25% non-compliance penalty to that assessment.

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1. What is Taxable Personal Property?
2. I already paid sales taxes on my property. Is this a new requirement?
3. Who must file a personal property declaration?
4. I didn’t get a declaration in the mail. Am I still required to report my property?
5. When are personal property declarations due to be filed?
6. What if I don’t file a declaration?
7. How does the assessor know if my declaration is accurate?
8. What if I buy or set up a business after October 1?
9. I’m no longer in business but I received a declaration. Do I still need to file?
10. Are there any tax breaks available to owners of personal property?
11. What if I think I am being over-assessed?