When do I need a permit?

Permits are required before beginning any new construction, alterations, or repairs.  Below is a list of common projects that require a permit.

NOTE: This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Please contact our office if you have questions as to whether your project requires a permit.

Building-  Additions, decks/hot tubs, bath remodels, basement finish, demolition, fencing over 6' (can go right on property line, but suggested to leave enough room to maintain in and around it), kitchen remodels, new construction, pools (above ground, in ground & soft-sided inflatables capable of holding 24" of water), porch enclosures, roofing, shed/gazebo (Zoning sign-off only for sheds under 200 sq.ft. as of May 2014), solar panels (roof and ground mount), vinyl siding, and window replacements.

Electrical- Standby generators, wiring for portable generators, electrical service upgrades, new outlets/wiring.
Mechanical- Air conditioning, boilers, heat pumps, wood/pellet/gas stoves or inserts, oil tanks (install or removal, underground, above ground or in basement), pool heaters.

Plumbing- Gas lines, water heaters, new plumbing or extensive plumbing repairs.

Gas- Propane tanks (above ground and in ground).

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