Pistol Permits


Be advised that the State of CT is undergoing a new procedure to process pistol permits and all fingerprinting requests.  You can visit www.ct.gov/DESPP for any updates.  

In order to pre-enroll on the State of CT portal prior to getting fingerprinted for your pistol permit, visit:  https://ct.flexcheck.us.idemia.io/CCHRSPreEnroll/

You will need to enter the Preston Service Code of:   81A5-1B5A.  Note: this code is specific to Preston residents only whom are applying for pistol permits.  Be prepared during the pre-enrollment process with a credit card to pay the following fees (through the portal):  $75 (CT Background/Process Fee) and $13.25 (FBI Background fee).   The other fees are still applicable yet as part of the process change, these 2 charges must now be paid through the portal.  Once you pay these 2 fees, print the page with the barcode and your applicant tracking number that the portal generates for you.  This page will be emailed to you and you will bring the sheet with you to the fingerprinting location (Troop E).

Pistol Permit Application (PDF)