Animal Control

General Duties & Powers

Enforcement of pet regulations for domestic pets only.

Leash Policy in Preston

All dogs, regardless of age, require a leash when off the owners/keepers property. Dogs that stray can be impounded and the owner/keeper of the dog cited for allowing the dog to roam.

All stray dogs are taken to the Town Animal Shelter located at 108A Ross Road. There is a charge of $15 for picking up the stray animal and a boarding charge of $10 per day. If your pet is missing, please call and leave a message detailing the animal’s breed, color, name, tag number, etc. It is important that you leave your name and address and a contact number.

Found Animals

All found animals not claimed are advertised in the Norwich Bulletin’s lost and found ads for one day. After seven days of this ad being placed in the paper, the dog can be adopted to a new owner or if necessary, euthanized.

Licensing & Care

All dogs six months older must be licensed. All dogs three months or older are required to be vaccinated against rabies.

All animals are required by law, to have adequate food, water, shelter and medical attention.