Amos Lake Association (ALA)

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Amos Lake Association (ALA)
Pat Monahan, President
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Amos Lake Association meets every 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 PM.
* Please note that due to Covid restrictions we will not be meeting in the Library, please email for location or virtual link.

About ALA

ALA is an organization of volunteers dedicated to educating landowners, visitors and all other interested citizens to protect and enhance the water quality of Amos Lake, its surroundings, and waterways. Its purpose is to maintain this public resource as accessible for diverse recreational uses by current and future generations.

The goal of the Amos Lake Public Awareness Project is to bring awareness to residents of the watershed how everyday activities affect the soil, water, and air around us. Helping today’s adults understand the need for effective conservation practices builds on the conservation legacy. Educating youth ensures that the next generation will be wise stewards of our natural resources. The project provides an opportunity for citizens to play a role in the management of their watershed. Not everyone lives next to a pond or stream but all of us live in a watershed. The packets were mailed to 188 households in the watershed and may be seen on the Last Green Valley’s website.
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Membership in the Association is open to any individual, family, business, or organization that subscribes to the purposes of the Association and pays annual dues. Dues are $25 annually for individual, business or organization. Family memberships are available for $40. You may contact us by Emailing ALA.