Personal Property

Personal Property Tax

Personal property (computers, office furniture, equipment, etc.), whether owned or leased, is taxed on an annual basis. Assessments are based on 70% of the depreciated value.

All owners of personal property must complete and return a personal property declaration to the Assessor no later than November 1 annually. If the declaration is not filed, the Assessor is required by State Statute to complete a declaration for the owner with an estimated assessment, and add a 25% penalty thereto. A penalty is also assessed if the declaration is submitted after the November 1 deadline. Forms can be downloaded (below), but must be printed and mailed or submitted in person to the Assessor's office.

The information required on the declaration form includes the date of acquisition of the property, as well as its costs of acquisition including installation. This information is confidential and not open to public inspection.


There are certain exemptions available for  personal property such as for manufacturing equipment or farm machinery among others. Please contact the Assessor’s office at 860-887-5581, ext. 107 for further information.