Youth Services Advisory Board

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Armando Bettini (Preston Resident State Trooper)                Police Department Representative
Dr. Roy Seitsinger                                                                  School System Representative
Raymond Bernier                                                                   School System Representative
Dr. Ivy Davis-Tomczuk                                                           School System Representative
Robert Congdon                                                                     Service Consumer
Rachel Tucker                                                                        Service Consumer
Rev. Stanley White                                                                 Private Youth Servicing Agency Representative
Hannah Crary (Nonvoting Member)                                       Youth Member

Board Composition Criteria

  • At least seven members.
  • At least one member under 21 years of age (nonvoting member).
  • Representatives from the school system, police department and a private youth-servicing agency.
  • At least one-third of the total membership from individuals who receive less than 50 percent of their income from delivering services to youth.
  • At least one member on the Board from each municipality served by the YSB.