Building Permit Process

Building Permit Process

To approve a residential building permit application, new construction, additions and alterations all require approval from at least four departments. The distribution process is handled internally when you submit a complete application, unless noted or arranged otherwise.

In addition to Planning & Zoning, Health Depatment, Sanitarian and Inland Wetlands, Commercial projects also require approval fro the Fire Marshal.

If the property is located in RV parks, the Town needs authorization from the Association/ Owner prior to accepting your permit application for approval from our land use departments.

How Can I Apply For A Permit?

You have two options for applying.

  • Come by our office during regular business hours and apply in person. Payment is required prior to issuing the permit and can be made in cash or check issued to The Town of Preston.
  • Click the "Building Permit Form" under the Link section. Fill out the PDF form, print it off and either mail it (via USPS) with the associated documentation and fee or drop it off in person to our office.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Permit?

  • State law allows the Building Official up to thirty (30 days to review your application. However, we can typically issue most permits within two weeks if the application is complete with no deficient items and all approvals are received (i.e., the project does not need to go through any additional process such as wetlands, variances, modifications, etc.)
  • Electrical Service Upgrades, Residing and Reroofing (with removal of first layer) are typically issued within two business days.
  • What if you have an emergency situation?
    Please contact our office immediately if you have an emergency and the Building Official can discuss with you how to proceed.

What Is Needed To Submit With An Application?

  • When submitting a Permit application for approval, 2 copies of the documents which include the plans and supporting information, (3 copies for a commercial project), as well as a copy of the property plot plan (residential) or site plan (commercial) showing a scaled representation of the exterior work to be done (i.e., location of addition, shed, deck, etc.)
  • When applying for a permit, the owner of the property or agent for the owner (contractor/ architect), may act as the applicant and shall be responsible for the permit.
  • Departmental approvals from Zoning, Wetlands, Historic District Commission, Health Department, Sanitarian, Engineering, or Fire Marshal may be required. We can assist you in what approvals are typically required for your particular project.
  • At the time the application is received, the Building Official must examine all documentation submitted with the application to determine if the proposed work is compliant with the State Building Code. If applicable, the local Fire Marshal will determine if the work is substantially compliant with the State Fire Safety  Code.