Driveway Permit

To construct a driveway on town roads, a Driveway Permit must be obtained. See attached “Sample” form for information and criteria. Initial steps the Applicant needs to take is placing stakes at the driveway entry (on both sides) and contacting the Building Department Office to schedule an inspection of the proposed driveway/road opening. The Town will inspect for sight lines, erosion control and possible damage to roads. Once the driveway placement is approved, bond money must be received by the Building Department Office. Typical driveways require a $1,000 Bond (Cash, Check or Bond) yet the amount may increase if additional work needs to be done. A Permit will be issued which is good for one year. A tracking pad must be laid during construction phase. A five foot (5’) paved apron must be laid prior to completion. When the driveway is complete, contact the Building Department and an inspection will be coordinated. Upon approval of the driveway, a check to refund the bond will be issued. Contact the Building Department Office at 860-887-5581 ext. 103 to coordinate.

SAMPLE Driveway Permit (PDF)