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Land Use Office Hours: 

Tuesday through Friday 9:00AM - 4:30PM

Thursday night until 6:30PM

The Building Official is in the Office, to meet applicants and answer questions, on Thursday nights from 5:30PM until 6:30 PM. Inspections are completed outside of Thursday night office time.

You can reach us:

Kathy Lacombe, Building Official                        860-887-5581 x130

Email Kathy LaCombe

Leigh Pappas, Administrative Assistant             860-887-5581 x103

Email Leigh Pappas

Our fax number is 860-204-0021.

Once your permit has been approved, we kindly request at least 24-48 hours to schedule an inspection. Inspections are generally done weekdays after 4:00 PM. Please contact the Building Official to coordinate a time.