Permit Fees

Building Permit Fees Are
As Follows...
​A 1 Residential Construction
​One and Two Family Dwellings

 New Construction   $8.00 per $1,000+ $50 zoning fee  
b  Alteration/Addition/Renovation     $8.00 per $1,000 + $50 zoning fee  
c  Residential AccessoryStructures                               
Detached Garages   $8.00 per $1,000 +$50 zoning fee  
Barns/Sheds/Storage  (residential)   $8.00 per $1,000 + $50 zoning fee  
Above Ground Pools   $45.00 + $50 zoning fee
​  permit fees as applicable for
​  fences, walks, outbuildings, etc.
In Ground Pools   $75.00 + $50 zoning fee
in ground & building permit fees as        applicable for fences, walks, outbuildings, etc.
d  Plumbing(Residential)   $6.00 per $1,000 min $25.00  
e  Mechanical (Residential)   $6.00 per $1,000 min $25.00  
f   Electrical (Residential)   $6.00 per $1,000 min $25.00
Agricultural - Farming   
a Barns/Sheds/Storage Only   $8.00 per $1,000 + $50 zoning fee
 (Including Multi Family)
a New Construction   $16.00 per $1,000 + $50 zoning fee  
b Alteration/Addition/Renovation   $16.00 per $1,000 + $50 zoning fee  
c Accessory Structures   $16.00 per $1,000 + $50 zoning fee  
d Plumbing (Commercial)   $16.00 per $1,000  
e Mechanical (Commercial)   $16.00 per $1,000  
f Electrical (Commercial)   $16.00 per $1,000
4 Demolition   $15.00 + $50 zoning fee minimum for a shed
​  $45.00 + $50 zoning fee for entire residence or barn type structure.
5 Removal or Moving
Moving (Residential/Residential Accessory within Town)
  $4.00 per $1,000  
6 Moving
​(Residential From Out of Town)
  Applicable as new Residential.
7 Moving (Commercial)   Applicable as new Commercial.  
Yard Sale   $2.00  
*State Education Fee

Please Remember to Include This Fee for ALL Permit Types

  $0.26 per $1,000



1. Fee for re inspection of work when it is called in and not ready for inspection $25.00 (does not include rejected work)

2. Expired Permit Fees            Minimum                     Maximum

Residential Accessory                $0.00                Cost of remaining work   

Residential                                 $250.00             Cost of remaining work   

Commercial                               $500.00              Cost of remaining work

B. Town of Preston owned buildings will require Building permits, however, no building permit fees will be collected for any Town of Preston owned building including trade permits for repairs or renovations on any owned buildings, except as required by law.

C. On all building permits issued by the Town of Preston on or after February 1, 1990 for all buildings, structures, or other projects of such a nature that the local building official is unable to perform a complete plan review including plans, specifications and construction inspections without expert assistance and the building official deems it necessary to hire an expert consultant(s) in order to perform such a review and inspections, there will be a charge, in addition to the regular building permit fee, a surcharge to cover such consultant's fees. The surcharge fees  will be equal to the fees charged by any expert consultant retained by the Town to assist in the review  and inspections, for compliance with the State of Connecticut Building Code, shall be due and payable at the time such charges are mad to the Town. The surcharge may be in addition for any surcharge for "threshold" building reviews and inspections.