Coastal Site Plan Application

If a parcel is located within the coastal area as defined by the State of Connecticut, a Coastal Site Plan Application must be submitted simultaneously with any land use application, unless exempt pursuant to Section 17.4 of the Zoning Regulations. If work is proposed within the tidal wetland, the application is to be submitted to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Long Island Sound Program rather than the town.

The Town Planner will assist, as necessary, in preparing the application as they may be a little difficult, if you are unfamiliar with the Coastal Area program.

Coastal site plans applications are required by Section 22 a-105 of the Connecticut General Statutes for any application that is submitted with its parcel within the designated Coastal Area. Maps of the coastal area are available in the Planning and Zoning Office, or by clicking: Coastal Area Map (PDF).There are exemptions from Coastal Site Plan applications listed in Section 17.4 of the Zoning Regulations.

Coastal Site Plan Application (PDF)

Site Plan Application

A Site Plan Application is required for all buildings and uses other than single-family detached dwellings, agricultural buildings (except Specialized Agricultural Buildings as defined in Section 2 of these Regulations), additions, minor accessory buildings on residential lots as determined by the ZEO, and minor additions to commercial/industrial development as defined in Section 19.10 of these regulations.

Site Plan Application (PDF)

Site Plan Exception Application (PDF)

Special Exception Application

Special Exceptions are those uses permitted provided special conditions of the Zoning Regulations as outlined in Section 18 or other specific sections of the Regulations are met. They are generally accompanied by a Site Plan Application as described previously, unless exempt from site plan application pursuant to Section 19.

General Special Exception Application (PDF)

Gravel Special Exception Application PDF)

Campground Special Exception Application (PDF)

Gas, Fuel, Service, Repair Station Special Exception Application (PDF)

Re-subdivision / Subdivision Application

A subdivision is the division of land into three or more parts after the adoption of the Subdivision Regulations in May 1962. Any subdivision of a land must be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review and approval.

Re-Subdivision/ Subdivision Application (PDF)

Zoning or Subdivision Regulation Change / Map Change Application

A regulation or map change may be submitted to amend either the Subdivision Regulations or the Zoning Regulations. The Subdivision Text Amendment Application, Zoning Text Amendment Application and the Zoning Map Amendment Application are submitted with their respective amendment to the regulations or to the map. The map amendments must be prepared by a land surveyor (unless otherwise accepted by the Commission).

Zoning and Subdivision Text Amendment Application (PDF)

Map Change Application (PDF)

Zoning Campground Renewal Permit Application
               Health Department Registration

Campground Renewal Permit Application (PDF)

Conversion of Residence Application

A building used continuously as single-family residence since 1964 and is located in an R-120, R-80, R-60, R-40, RS or C-1 District may be converted to a two-family residential dwelling, however, such conversions are permitted in the R-S District only on lots that meet the minimum lot requirement of sixty thousand (60,000) square feet, and provided following conditions as set forth in section 13.8.1 of the zoning regulations are met.

Excavation of Deposit & Fill Application - Renewal Only

Such use will be permitted only after a determination that the detrimental Effects of the activity are minimized and provided the future usefulness of the premises is assured when the activities are completed. Permits for excavation and/or fill shall be issued for a period of time not to exceed two (2) years. However, approval of such permits may be extended for such additional periods of time as the Commission deems appropriate, in order to complete the operation described in the original permit; provided the existing operation is being conducted in compliance with all the terms and conditions of the original permit and all applicable provisions of these Regulations; and further provided that no such extension so granted shall be for a period of more than two (2) years with all terms and conditions of the original permit remaining in full force and Effect.

Renewal Excavation Application (PDF)

General Zoning Permit Application

PZC Zoning Application (PDF)

Home Occupation Application

Low-impact, low-volume activities conducted for financial gain shall be permitted in residential districts by vote of the Commission, provided they meet the requirements of this section.

Home Occupation Application (PDF)

Accessory Apartment

Poultry Building Application

No new buildings may be built or an existing building used for the raising of more than twenty-five (25) poultry for any purpose, unless such building is located at least three hundred feet (300’) from the nearest neighboring residence, public building, place of worship, place of regular periodic assembly, or commercial eating and drinking establishment, and is set back a minimum of two hundred feet (200’) from any street right-of-way and shall contain a fifty foot (50’) planted buffer strip between neighboring properties where held to be desirable by the Commission.

Public Utility Building Application

Public utility buildings or structures, without a service yard or outside storage of supplies or equipment, providing the structure is in general harmony with the surrounding area, as determined by the Commission.

Short Term Rentals

Zoning Permit application that need Planning and Zoning Commission Approval: Section 16 of the Zoning Regulations, 16.19 Short-term Rental Requirements.

Short Term Rental Application (PDF)

Special Flood Area Application

The SFHA includes all areas designated as Zone A, A1-30 on the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for the Town of Preston, dated March 4, 1985, or any subsequent revision thereto, and of the Flood Boundary and Flowery Map for the Town of Preston, dated March 4, 1985, or any subsequent revision thereto, on file with the Commission.

Tree Clearing Application

When clearing a parcel or thinning a forested area, things that you should know:
 You may clear a parcel that does not contain a designated wetland/watercourse or buffer area including stump removal at any time. If you are disturbing soil by removing stumps and the area of the soil disturbance is more than one-half an acre, and is not part of an approved erosion and sediment control plan noted on a zoning permit, you must obtain approval from the Zoning Enforcement Officer for an erosion and sediment control plan. This is a requirement of the Connecticut General Statutes. If you are creating a logging road from a town or state road, you should contact the First Selectman’s office (860) 8875581 ext. 101 for a driveway permit or the Connecticut Department of Transportation (860) 823-3204, respectively. The logging entrance must be installed to prevent soil erosion and drainage from entering the street.   

 Application (PDF)

Yard Sale Permit

Section 13.12.5: Garage, yard and cellar sales not to exceed two consecutive days shall be permitted twice in any one calendar year on any one piece of property. A permit must be procured for each sale from the Zoning Enforcement Officer for a fee of $2.

Application (PDF)

Temporary Sign Permit

Application (PDF)